The test flight worked

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Allright, could you provide a summary of pros and cons for this project? Apparently, you find the SP frame sturdier, and you added some quick-disconnect latches to the hoop which could enable rapid disassembly. You didn’t show such disassembly or the folding of the four arms for compact transport. I couldn’t see clearly whether you replaced the Bonka batteries with a better package. You didn’t describe any improvements or losses in the performance, power, weight, endurance, setup and foldup times, or whatever. So, what have you learned from this project? What, if anything, do you perceive as its benefits?

I like the X4 structure for its lack of “P-factor” torque, its small propellers that presumably are less expensive to replace, and its compact transportability. However, it is my understanding that the small props are less efficient than a single larger prop like the SP, and possibly noisier – certainly at a higher audio pitch.

Another worthwhile experiment might be to replace the four traditional two-bladed props with a new toroidal design that I’ve read about recently. These are supposedly quieter and more efficient; and might increase duration of flight per charge. And there are purportedly some new batteries with greater energy density that could increase endurance beyond one full flight-hour plus reserve. Have you any plans for more experimentation?