The sport had to start at some point in time

This was one of my students in the early days of Paramotoring. Notice the upside down “J canes” to connect the risers over the shoulders. You can see the shackle atop each bar. The side bars (Swan neck bars" everyone uses nowadays had not yet been invented. The motor was a Japanese brand and the entire PPG dry, no gas, weighed about 82lbs. The harness’s push through buckles… if you landed in the water with this thing, you were fish food for sure with no way to unstrap yourself. Floatation devices had not been invented either and so were reserve parachutes. In short, we were flying death traps but had fun just the same😄
Note that the propellers at the time were all surrounded by a double or triple hoop cages. The blades were no sticking out of the cage if you were falling flat on your back like a turtle.

Zoom in: The same machine hanging at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island, NY. in Nassau Country. Nice place to vitis and all about the history of aviation on Long Island where Northtrop Grumman was located.