The Safety Rotor: A cheap and fast means of stopping motors in the event of a prop strike

If I wasn’t crushed with work/studying I’d be testing this right now. I’m not quite sure if this would be good to add yet, it might be too sensitive or too buggy. We don’t want motors cutting out randomly because of a strong gust, but hopefully this problem gets solved well soon before we start getting gory pictures of people getting too close to the blades.

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Here’s the full paper on the design, presented at ICRA this week.

Interesting… I wonder how that hoop affects drag? And what happens when you’re moving through the air to the shape of the hoop.

Yeah it seems they never measured that. They just repeatedly said in the paper that it does not significantly impede airflow, which compared to typical netting and guards is probably true.

Relevant: protect your wiener.

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