The new OpenPPG BMS

Hello. I tried to find information about to upcoming new OpenPPG BMS that was already planned for batch4 but then was delayed.
I didn’t find any specs. Are the specs somewhere? Or plans of what it will be?

Only thing I’ve seen is on the product page:

New Battery Monitoring System aka BMS (Optional)

  • 7S battery support by default
  • Individual battery cell monitoring
  • Expandable up to 8 batteries
  • LED strip/ring support
  • USB power output (for phone/camera charging etc.)
  • Extra 12v and 5v outputs
  • Onboard buzzer for battery alerts
  • Built-in cooling fan controller (supported in future updates)
  • Two-way communication with hub

How can a buyer add the “Optional” BMS to an order?

I would be interested in the BMS.

If you have information on how to add the BMS to a NEW order, please post an answer.

Thank You.

That was planed but never finished, payments for it where sendet back, so this time (batch 4 2. Possibility to order) there seems to be no plan to let it order bevore it is ready to sale.