The landscape is turning gold

Uploaded another SP140 Electric PPG vid. I hope you will enjoy it.


Always a great view, relaxing flight in your videos! After moving the motor in front what distance is between the battery and motor or motor plate? And from the prop tips to the cage ring? I’ll custom make the motor spacers and need to know how short I can make them mostly because the esc I’ll use won’t fit back of the motor so will be room to move it forward which will be welcomed for me as a light pilot. But will also want to keep like 6-7 cm from prop tips to cage.

Maybe these photos will help:

However, it did not work at the end for two reasons.
1 / I had to drop the 1/2 hour battery which changed the center of gravity way too much thus tilting the cage back - it was really uncomfortable just standing with the SP on my back. t would be even worse with the 1 hour battery.
2 / The propeller blades came way too close to the back of my helmet - it would have been a really dangerous experiment and I didn’t even bother trying it. A static hang test was enough to freak me out and I scrapped the idea altogether.

You used only the 100mm standoffs :astonished: and put off the 40mm ones, that’s not two cm but at least four, 40mm closer to the pilot. Once I’ll have the frame, engine and prop I’ll sort it out, somwhere between 12-13 cm standoffs I guess. Battery will still be at the back of the motor. Thanks!