The electric buzzard 19

A few days ago at the Long Island south shore:



Cool flying site. Ar you on a speed bar nearly the whole time or is that just a foot rest?

Foot-rest. It is my EN-B PG wing and only use a speed-bar with the PG harness when I free-fly. There really is no need for a dedicated PPG wing if you can get a trimmer kit for it. In the early days, reflex gliders didn’t exist nor risers trims, but we were buzzing around just the same and that’s what I still do now. The only time I will use the trimmers on my wing is to help with the inflation and a little during the running phase, otherwise not need for speed - I am not in a rush😆

By the way, I have a 20m2 ITV full reflex PIPER with only 5 flights (I am a dealer). I have to say it is a fun wing to play with with a strong motor, but do not have time to use it. If someone is interested let me know
That’s the wing THE ELECTRIC BUZZARD 5 - YouTube

For sure. I flew for a year with a Buzz Z3 PG wing. I think it may have been getting porous and/or out of trim a bit. The Buzz had PG risers.
I bought an Apco Hybrid. The inflation easier and up the weight range a bit. I’ve not adjusted the trimmers yet on the APCO and I don’t have a speed bar on my X4 harness. I’m like you…what’s the hurry? I’m not going anywhere and speed requires power or altitude, both of which are limited.