The current situation in austria / europa

the current situation due to corona. I don’t want to spread panic just to inform you: I live in Austria. We have had a person exit lock since yesterday. we can only buy food and do urgent work. naturally also help old people. but flying or sports and skiing etc. is forbidden. the inns, shops in general, as well as all authorities and schools, have closed. we live in an adjusted situation. All neighboring countries have banned entry. I am allowed to travel to Germany with the goods I produce because I have a company. Unfortunately my wife’s uncle and his son are also infected people. many countries are not yet as restrictive as we are. but it will also come. please avoid contact with other people, stay calm and help each other. there will also come a time when we can rise in the air with our e-ppg. all the best for everyone. if you like, you can report from your country how the situation is with you.

Thanks for the update @bratwurst and sorry to hear about that situation.
Here in Ohio we have recently closed schools, gyms, and restaurants but as far as I know flying is still an option. However the weather makes it not fun at almost freezing temperatures so still working from inside for now.

For now Paul and I are mostly waiting for parts to come in for the next batch and SP140. Most places are obviously a little behind schedule with manufacturing but thankfully we are a smaller operation and able to react quickly.

Stay safe and with our wonderful communities we can get through this.


We’re all battened down in central Alberta. Everything is closed too and Canada is fairly closed off now, big restrictions with US entry just announced today.

We’ve lots of snow too and praying that this will disappear or becoming less prevalent when spring is upon us.

Look after the young, elderly, this will pass and we will soon be upon the clouds.

Things are surprisingly well in Hawaii given the amount of tourism from Asia. It seems like the entire country is experiencing a shortage of things like toilet paper masks gloves hand sanatizer. At first I thought to keep the usual amount of these things So as not to add to the problem, but now I’m thinking A good middle path would be to have a little extra for friends and families who keep a regular amount stocked of these things and might end up running out

masks where sold out since 2 weeks becouse the hospitals bought all shops empty and the other states stopped the trucks with the next ones at the borders.i had a good one in the celller since 15 years.
Found a 5 liter sterillium bottle in my celler was also sold out for weeks.
Have had enough toilet paper and japanisch water toilet.
Also bought a big upright freezer( the last one for 10 days) and meat and food for months.
Then i thought what if the electric will not work for 1 day
So bought a generator(also the last one) too and 100 liter benzin.
On sunday at 10 morning they sayed in the radio after midnight stay at i had to move from the alps to vienna where i live.
In austria all shops are closed since monday only food medics and gasoilstations are open…every other shop is closed like in a movie…
Good if you are kind of prepper people - buying guns and ammo would not be possible now.
even tools or so no way to buy it.
So be prepared!
on saturday 5 days ago i was skiing in the alps thinking not 1 second that it could happen…!

Did read now that our small country(8 000 000 people) will invest 38 000 000 000 euro to support the national economy.

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A chest freezer can be converted into a fridge and it uses less than 60 watts a day

Valuable tip…thx