Testing new controller features [Batch 4]

As we have fewer and fewer warm flyable days in Ohio I’ve been working on adding some features to the controller and hub.
I’m looking for a few brave beta testers from batch 4 to give feedback on some new code.

Some features that are currently a work in progress are:

  • Display altitude
  • Display air temperature
  • Configure controller preferences via USB using Google Chrome

You just need a computer, USB cable, and a microSD card to participate. Oh and a batch 4 OpenPPG X4 :slight_smile:

Comment below if you’re interested and I’ll follow up via direct message.


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I’m up for testing! Is it available on Github? I’m currently toying with adding a cruise-control feature :smile:

Im willing but not sure when the next time I can fly with weather getting crazy here.

I’m in. Let me know what you need me to do.

I have a batch 2. Not compatible enough for the testing? I’m in Florida and fly year round.

Bill Hocker

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