Tesla cells and 3M novec

Here is a tesla model 3 battery, 18 watt hours or 5 amp hours and 67 grams. Im thinking about making a pack that is cooled with 3m novec fluid. Tesla pulls 80 watts per cell on the model 3 but only for a short pulse of power, not nearly long enough for climbing on a paramotor. However electric racecars are leading the way with liqued cooling.

The big upsell to using tesla cells + liquied cooling is simple, Safety, filght time and cost per flight. The tesla cells easly take the lead for long life and performance but have a nasty habit of thermal runaway.
see this video

The thermal runaway can be stopped with 2 methods, 1 spacing the cells VERY far apart or using fire stop gel, 2 absorbing the energy of the cell with a coolant. I like the coolant approch because you can easily regulate cell tempiture and this extends flight time. Cold cells cut range in half, hot cells have very short life.
Im looking at making a 12s pack with 240 2170 cells, this 4.4 kWh will be derated to 80% giving 3.5 kWh usable power so maybe 70 min of flight. By oversizing the battery we get about 4000-10000 cycles on the pack giving a cost per flight of $0.06! The pack will have 16kg or 35lbs of cells + a few lbs of coolant.

here’s a video of how bad it is when the battery blows up, think about this on your back at 5000’, that would the worst way to die.

I think the 3m novec fluid improoves the saftey and performance of Li-ion enough that it wins over LiPo, what do you think?

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So – not only will you have the weight of the battery + the liquid + the circulation bump plus a radiator?
Sucker is going to be heavy – you will want to do this on a trike only is my guess.

heres and aircooled project

Agreed that will be very heavy. You’d be better off adding more cells so the cells stay cooler on their own and not doing liquid cooling, or get a battery case like Etienne that sucks air through the pack with a couple of fans. Weight is not our friend.

This guy made one for his motor cycle