Tesla cell to pack architecture in the frame

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I was wondering if we could build a battery pack into the frame like the new Tesla battery pack that is going into the model y built in Germany. The pack designed to fit into the “arms” maybe. And fully encased in epoxy, giving a very rigid and strong frame. Making a neat, strong solution.

Thoughts anyone?


Its not a very viable solution for E-PPG for many reasons. First, even if it didn’t make the battery pack any heavier it could save at best around one pound from removing about 3 feet of aluminum structural tube from the frame which weighs about 1/3 pound(if that) and whatever system is used to hold the battery on the frame. The reality is that it would almost be certain to make the unit even heavier because of the needed epoxy or other binder which would fill between the cells and would add a few pounds to the battery. The other reason is that at this point in time the best electric paramotors will get about an hour flight time which is why every unit on the market is designed so that the battery can be removed and replaced with a full one in a few minutes so you can get back in the air quickly.

The problems with fitting cells into the arms is that people will often break or bend those components and bad things could happen about the time some of the cells was shorted out, bent, punctured, or damaged in a crash. This goes back to why Tesla puts their batteries all together in central location of their car and encases them in a sealed titanium box. It would also make wiring the system nearly impossible.

Cars don’t fly. :smirk:

The Gravity Paramotor Defiant is a brilliant monoque design tank/frame/motor mount solution. They’ve saved significant weight and cost. Integrating the battery case into the frame would probably make sense for electric. I think the sp140 does that. Batteries themselves make poor structure but who knows what the future holds.

Thanks guys great insights.

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I look into them. You actually might be able to save a few pounds if you could do something like them and make a plastic battery case molded in the plastic structure sort of like what tesla currently does where the case itself is structural, but the batteries themselves still wouldn’t be structural like on future tesla cars.

My problem is it still removes the ability to swap battery packs. So it might be viable in the future when batteries can fully charge in 5 minutes and E-ppg units fly for 2+ hours.