Tesla 4680 cells

I just got a random idea. On the January 10th (4 days from writing this) Tesla is going to be releasing their new model S with the 4680 cells. Anyway, I ran some math and figured that I could buy a full Tesla, disassemble the battery, and sell each cell for $20 and after parting out the car easily get the money back. I also figured that a single Tesla model S would have the battery cells to make over one hundred 4.1kWh paramotor battery packs using 48 Tesla cells that would also drop the sp140 weight by almost 8 lbs.

Anyway, I am serious tempted to do this and it would be awesome if we could finally get our hands on 4680 cells. Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

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What does that mean, “parting out”? Disassembling the car? Or selling the car? Who would buy a car with no batteries tho. Or would you be selling the parts to different people like on ebay or something?

Getting $20 per cell would actually be about the point where I could push the rest of the tesla off a cliff and not loose money. I would probably part out the rest of the tesla or sell it to someone else who would part it out. I could keep that money to pay myself back for the hundreds of hours that it will be required to take apart the structural battery pack.

I thought that Sandy Munro speculated Tesla maybe filling the gaps of the pack with an epoxy or such to stiffen it up as structural member – if that is the case, taking it apart would be an horrendous task of labor.
I would wait to see for Munro to get one for their teardown review to get verification.

It is a structural battery pack. (has an epoxy like filling between the cells like you mentioned) so taking it apart would be very difficult. I do like your idea of waiting a month for Sandy Munro to do his “review” of the battery before doing this.

Surprisingly there is a (small) market currently for tesla parts, since they don’t play nice with people doing work on their own. I imagine that interest will grow as electric becomes more popular. Currently those groups buy wrecked cars, perhaps they might make a fair offer for the remaining vehicle being undamaged. The only trouble is if everyone started getting this idea, eventually that value could drop. Dishing out just a few of them? After the Munro breakdown, could be a good move!

How did Tesla get around “right to repair” laws?

using the “not a dealership” angle. outside of the u.s. they have showrooms and stuff, go figure.

That doesn’t add up. The Model S would then have a 400kwh pack. That’s 4 times the current size of the biggest Model S pack. Thinking you could get more like 25 packs at most. Figuring $2000 each that’s $50k worth of battery packs. The new Model S is probably close to twice that.

Your right. I started thinking about it late last night and I think I really messed up my calculations.

Turns out I ran the math as if it had the 2170 format cells, it would only have about one thousand 4680 format cells.