Tandem trike with sp140

Total noob here, looking for information

I am 52 years old, and have disability back pain and my right leg is not perfect

I would not be able to launch normally, so would have to use a trike/ quad

I also want, in the future to be able to tandem

I am 75kgs/ 165 pounds

I woud be interested in hearing what the latest is for tandem trikes

One of the owners said there was something in the pipeline, and only a few mods would need to be made, he was thinking of producing “standard “ one, and a more expensive pro model

I would be assuming that

  1. they would run off of 1- (2 or3 ) large batteries

Assuming I get a wing that has the maximum lift, what would be the total maximum take off weight, including me the passenger, trike , motor and batteries?

Assuming, at sea level, with perfect wind for launching

?I won’t be doing any acrobatics, safety is my most important, then run time

I would also like to have some sort of rollover bar/. Cage, in case of emergency

Would prefer it to have thick wide tires as beach landings are very likely

Would have to have a low centre of gravity

Can anyone point me in the direction of tandem trike models that fit the above?

Kindest regards