System Requirements


I can’t be the only one that is confused about the other requirements for the OpenPPG system.
The site contains a good amount of specification information about what is in the kit ( but it also says:
“everything you need to fly except batteries, harness, and wing”

I think there should be a section specifying the requirements for these other parts of the system, in other words the ‘interface’ that OpenPPG provides to these other necessary parts of the system. The harness and wing parts should be fairly easy (what mounts are required, paramotor suitable wing, etc) but there seems to be a lot of queries and information about batteries on the forums. I am confused whether it is a 6C or 12C requirement and what current draw should be expected at what voltage. So I think you need to specify what is required, such as:

  • Number of cells & maximum voltage
  • Number and type of connector
  • Maximum current draw
  • Continuous current draw

Hope that helps!


Have you checked the battery comparison?


Hi SimLoop,

I have yes, but the point really is that there is a lot of mixed up, contradictory, incomplete and difficult to find stuff on the forums. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just what forums are for. I feel the actual minimum requirements for making a working system should be documented on the website itself as part of the specs though, so that people know exactly what they are getting and what they need to provide.


@racitup welcome to the world of OpenSource!


Thanks etienne, I’ve actually contributed on github for quite some time.
OpenPPG is both an open source project and a retail outlet for the products. It’s the retail side that needs a bit more info.