Superman's cape like solar cell 'cape'

To not tamper with load carrying sail, it is a better idea to ‘roll out’ a largish ‘solar cape’ to charge batteries while flying steadily for long intervals

it could even be ‘rollable’
unrolled to flutter behind (like a submarine’s mile long antenna wire does)

this sail has to carry/support no load

I’m not a fan of Super Man or his solar powered Super Cape. When I want to extend my flight times, I use a really, really long extension cord. Just like Spider Man:open_mouth:

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I’ve been paragliding with a small flag, less than 3 ft long, and it added a lot of drag. More drag than what a solar panel would compensate for. Your load carrying surfaces are designed to be highly aerodynamic.

Leaves with the only one option … flexible solar panels on top of the e wing

if charging becomes ‘continous,’ … always happening, even when on the ground…

BTW … GREAT job, you guys !

Would never pass the Aerotest EN certification or DGAC.