Strobe light as safety


Hi all, very interesting project, been flying ppg for 10 years and to fiddle with arduino, fusion, 3d printing and such as well.
Electric has been the dream of course and it is getting close.

Just a though, I always fly with a strobe light. It’s a led one and very powerful.
Adds safety in the air and for an electric paramotor it could add safety on the ground as well. Once you arm the motor the strobe starts to flash. Could be an add on.

What hardware controls the motors?


A controllable strobe would be a nice feature. The motors are controlled by a PWM signal from the throttle controller (batch 2 = arduino nano, batch 3 = custom board). There are additional digital outputs available on both controllers that could be soldered to in order to have the strobe activate when the system is armed.
To make it a bit simpler the strobe could just be activated when the main system power is on and save from having to run an extra wire from the handheld throttle.

Which strobe do you currently use?


It’s a custom made one, a Swedish pilot made some and sold a few years back. I was surprised how effective it is, significantly more effective than the standard discharge strobe that I used before.
which was this
Changed it because that strobe completely screwed up talking over airband radio.

Are the custom board open source as well? Just curious.


I saw a ppg pilot install this one on his rig

pretty bright