Strength testing?

This thing looks awesome! Is the current design strong enough for spirals / wingovers… etc


Not a big concern to me at this time in my early learning, only one flight at this time on ice, but I would love to see some acro

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Very curious about this too. Anyone done acro with OpenPPG?

I’ve done some barrel rolls and high g spirals, no infinity tumbles or anything, I’m not up to that skill level. Most of the important parts are just the harness and gooseneck bars, and making sure your batteries are strapped on. One strap of Velcro holds them on great for me.

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Hi @Pdwhite, how did you calculate all the part dimensions? Any Ansys simulation or just common sens?


A bit of both, fusion 360 has some analysis built into it.

Perfect! I cannot see any way to send you PM here? Are you OK to communicate on a live platform (Skype, messenger) ?
I want to build a new design of electric PPG being inspired by your amazing work.

(We exchanged emails few days ago)


I’m Thomas agarate on Facebook and tagarate on skype.


PPG newbie question: the risers of my unpowered paraglider are connected directly to the harness. Is this different for PPG?

Nope – mine is like that to – going to feel very different going to a low hang point on arms