Speedflying laps

How much juice does it takes to climb 3000 feet generally? Wondering how many speedflying laps one could get out the lightweight battery setup. Five would be nice, doable?

3000 feet, With full power I guess you will be able to climb there once / twice per flight. (Climb -> Glide down -> Throttle up).
Will be fun to see once videos start coming :slight_smile:

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maybe one… speed flying wings are horribly inefficient and don’t behave well under power. Plus, the added weight of the motor is going to create issues if you are like most speed flyers and like to swoop, barrel roll and proximity fly.

yeah speedflying with a ppg is probably a bad idea.

I have flown the Ozone Firefly2 with a Moster 185cc gasoline engine a few times and the climb rate was noticeable bad. With current electric technology I doubt you will get a decent climb rate.
I don’t know much about the OpenPPG project to know if it will be powerful enough to make this possible