Speedcontrol idea from efoilscene at 4 min 20 sec

Skip to 4 min. 20 sec. To see the function of the speedcontrol.

Would it not make sense to use the same system?

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eppg has had the “cruise gas” since 2006 as well as ppg by detecting the throttle cable. e.g. cameleon 2 with retaining spring or many others with screw locking. yuneec expanded the system in 2009 with an abvrometric pressure can which can also hold the height. i myself use a switch on the trike in stepless cruise mode on the trike through a lever like in an airplane. at the foot start eppg i also use a switch for crusie modula and can then set the cruise mode with a rotary potentiometer. you can also do it with software that, like e-foil, you can call up different speeds or performance levels at the push of a button. the important thing with flying is that you have a plan “b” and the system immediately returns to normal mode or switches off for safety reasons. eg if you have a front or side stall in flight the engine must stop. I solved it for myself with an emergency switch that also has another killswitch in series to handle the rescue parachute. the drive is switched off as soon as the handle of the rescue parachute is activated. I think the cruise mode is very good. to take pictures. long xc flights and if you eg. I want to put on my gloves or make a phone call in flight … I have a cruise mod in every e-aircraft. also with the gasoline ppg. I highly recommend it.