Specification of thrust questions

I’m talking to Kangook about picking up a modified trike to attach the open PPG to a Delta wing. They’re wondering what kind of thrust it produces, and for how long. I’m planing to take 8 batteries, given the longer wiring I’m wondering if anyone has any idea how long the throtttle could be maintained and at what thust level. I know max thrust is 165lbs but I don’t know if this could be maintained for the entire battery life safely without overheating anything. If not what would be the maximum thrust one could achieve continuously and for how long would that last?

Lots of variables
Weights of you and trike - wing
To get to what cruising height

I am planning 12bats with my trike(dont ask how I am placing them, not there yet:>)
I am estimating a full loading of apprx 280lb with my 28m Muse 4 powered with a range 249-324lbs. I have 8 bats now but wont get more until I see how they perform.

II too bought 8 of those batteries. Thanks for the find I hope they are what they say they are. I asked for 8awg and the said they used it, but they have yet to arrive. I’ll show more including a discharge test later this week as the should be in the mail any day now.

I told him that I could get 165lbs for ~2 mins and 100lbs for 1 hour. I thought that this would be roughly correct with 12 batts. I might have to upgrade the escs to 100a and possibly get even thicker wires. Has anyone done any tests even close to this length of time using 8 bonkas?

Do my estimates even seem close to being feasible? I know it all depends on wing size, weight, density altitude. But I’m looking to find out more about the limitations of the wiring, components and how much thrust they can put out and for how long without overheating.

Dpack was suppose to do an 8 bat set up and flight – requested a followup