Sp140...will I be able to connect second battery

I have been flying PPG on a trike for about five years now. the reason I will be purchasing this new unit is several reasons. First and foremost the best thing about paramotoring for me is when I get to 3000 feet or so and kill the motor and just soar around that is what is it about for me. However I also like flying low and buzzing trees and wheat fields and such. I also like the fact of minimum maintenance as all of my internal combustion engines have had some quirks and nuances over the past 6 years.

So for me I will be putting the sp140 on a trike for sure because that is just the way I fly. From what I understand it looks to be about an hour flight time. Since weight is not that big of an issue for me on a trike I am wondering if I would be able to connect a second battery and get closer to 2 hours of flight time. Am I crazy to think this way?

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Don’t see that as a problem. You just have to make sure they are the same voltage when connecting them in parallel.

I’ve thought about doing it as well. I started off flying trike and that’s one of my goals to try with the new single prop.
We have tested the X4 on a trike and it works like you would expect. Obviously flight time takes a small hit with the extra weight but it’s certainly doable if you can carry more batteries.

can I assume I will be able to buy a second battery as an option with the SP140?

Yes extra batteries will be available to buy,