SP140 weak spar connection posts on frame

During first flight attempt with my new batch 3 machine, I had a bit of a mishap which resulted in a few spar connection post on the frame getting bent and the cage pushed back into the prop zone.

There was zero wind and during taxi the wing overshot me. I lost my balance and went face down. It wasn’t an extremely hard fall but the right side of the frame took a hit. The aluminum spar connection posts didn’t do much to resist the impact. The worst damage done was to the tube at the lower frame where the hoop end goes. That hole was elongated due to the force applied to the cage.

I should have taken pictures of everything but I was more interested in trying to bend things back into place and the give it another go. I was able to bend the post back and get the cage back to its ‘normal’ position but unfortunately, my right shoulder was hurting so I packed it in.

I’m currently designing some bolt-on braces that would add considerable support at those connection points. I’m wondering if anyone else has also experienced similar issues and effected any kind of a fix.

The best fix that comes to mind is to quit crashing and just get ‘er in the air!

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Iv been wanting to redesign the hoop and spares as well. It’s definitely the weak point of this design along with the throttle shape, strap and resistance of throttle lever…I had the same thing happen to me. I took 4 steps and I think I leaned forward too much and the weight of the battery and no resistance from the wing got me and I fall on my face. Then the feather throttle got me and I spun the prop and broke it.

Even with my X4 I have gotten a little too aggressive and early with the power and a little too late catching the wing and had a forward stumble a couple times. Luckily dropping power instantly enabled me to get my legs under me, regain control of the wing and save the launch. Maybe the sp140 throttle is a bit too punchy even on chill mode. I did face plant a launch back when i was training. Maybe my third or fourth one. Control then power.