SP140 V2.0 Frame

I want to share some exciting updates about our next SP140 frame design.

I should have the 3D files for you guys to take a look at and download later today. I’m open to different names for the different parts. let me know if you have a better name for something.


well done! the right way

As previously stated, here are the files for the V2 Frame, along with the complete Electric Power Pack (motor, ESC, battery with internals, and mounting system for it).

I have also been working on an ICE system, so whether you start off flying with an ICE motor and want to switch over to electric or vice versa, you can do so with great ease. Typically, using a frame that was previously designed for an ICE motor, it didn’t make much sense to switch over to electric and still use the same frame, as the mounting for the motor and battery would not work well. You would lose some of the best features, like the quick-swap battery system. To make this work, we had to design with both systems in mind from the ground up, so it truly can be an excellent ICE and electric unit.

So, if you are the type of pilot that really wants to be able to have the option for cross-country trips or 4+ hour flights, a frame like this is ideal. You can still choose to fly electric later if you want. Another nice feature is the lower entry cost for ICE compared to electric, so you can start with an ICE system and then switch to electric later if you wish. Of course, operating costs with ICE are going to be higher, but the advantage is that you don’t have to pay it upfront like with electric. For ICE cost, we will have final prices available soon, but I would expect it to be around $1000 less. Currently, the custom mold for the tank is being completed, and we should soon have a more final ICE overview along with the updated electric overview. I have about 40hr of flight time in the frame with the Atom 80 so have been ironing out the kinks.

I really want to make paramotoring easy to get into, as well as fun and safe. To make flying more attainable, it needs to be more affordable. So, with our upcoming ICE unit, I believe we can achieve this while still offering a safe and high-quality unit.

Electric Power Pack

Atom 80

Moser 185

All in all, it’s extremely convenient if you want to switch from one system to another. You can still use your same harness setup, gooseneck bars, frame, netting, and the same trailer hitch, among other things, in addition to being able to use the same replacement parts.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you think something can be improved. Model it, test it out, and if it works well, we can incorporate it. You can access the files here Fusion ,and I will also be adding them to the Github.



I love the design improvements, and I love the idea of being able to use the new frame with ICE!

Love this. More elegant and looks like it addresses many of the weak points in the old frame. Being able to switch to gas is nice … but darn. I just dropped some coin on a Miniplane Top 80 as my companion gasser unit. I would have held off had I known this was coming!

I really hope you put this into production, I would be ordering it right away! My budget is limited, so having one rig where I can switch between electric and ICE would be perfect!

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It is in production and the goal is to have units available for purchase in about 2 weeks. With the ICE motor it will be much more affordable so that will be nice.

LOVE the idea of being able to throw a Top80 on it when wanted. Great idea. Looking forward to the new frame!

Wow! The improvements to the frame look amazing! Can’t wait to see it. I’ve also been thinking lately about buying a used ICE motor for longer XC or whatever, so having the ability to switch the motor on the same frame would be super cool!

Is the V2 Frame compatible with the V1.2 motor mount?

I’m trying to figure out how much I need to replace when I decide to move to the V2 frame.

Yes it is compatible you can just take the same V1.2 power pack and mount it to the V2 frame as it has the same bolt pattern.

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Have any new frames shipped? Are they all stuck in customs?

They have been released from customs, and the last I heard they were getting a truck to pick up. Pretty frustratingly slow and wish they would just have a tracking number like small shipments. Otherwise, i would just post a tracking number here for you guys to check on. There are always some problems and this shipment is 37 days behind the original ETA.

The good news though is that once these frame parts are in we should have plenty of stock and replacement parts for the frames for a while. All other parts are in stock but all it takes is one thing.


Is there a “v2 power pack” or is it the same ESC and Motor as V1.2? Thanks!

It’s the same power pack

Can I use the V2 swing arms with a V1 frame? They look super nice for getting the hang point further back

they sell the swingarms separate, but it uses a bigger bolt so you will need to drill it out.

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Do you know if the SP140 frame will support Factory R? Looking at getting an ICE motor as I now need longer flight times.

Ya it does, ill be posting a video in the next few days on the ICE mounting system.

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