Sp140 Transportation/Time

Here a quick video to show Sp140 breakdown for transportation and the time it takes to do so. Some were curious how long it takes and how easily it fits in a small car. It takes up one seat in my car, and can easily be placed in vertically. Also could just be placed in the truck as it fit even more easily in there, but this if just to give and idea.

And breakdown time vs the X4 is really only a minuet longer or less. So it is very fast, takes me about 3 minuets to pack it up.


Very misleading You left out the 5-10sec to disconnect and remove battery🤣


I always break my paramotor down for transport. I prefer keeping it free from weather and road debris, and the slight cost in time is well worth it. Transport is much easier without the prop, and I installed the quick release prop hub from Iris Paramotor (Quick-Release Prop Hub – Iris Paramotor). If I bought a SP140, the first thing I would do would be to ask Iris to make a hub that would work on the SP140.


Misleading indeed - he says “…And breakdown time vs the X4 is really only a minuet longer or less…” yet he doesn’t say which minuets he used as reference - perhaps Boccherini?

I love that quick release :heart_eyes:

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Would love to see a similar video for the X4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Paul did one a couple of years ago.

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