SP140 tow hitch carrier

Picked up this nice little hitch carrier for my SP140 the other day and it’s been working great so thought Id share.

Its only $50 at Harbor Freight and does the job


Is that a model y? I’d be looking for a way top fast charge the SP140 from the car.

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spacex package? not needed… sp140 speed boost package.


Funny. I’ve got that exact same set up. Even the color of the model y is the same. Got several curious comments already from bystanders. Tesla boost!

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Cool, how are you securing it to the carrier?

I’m just using ratchet straps and hooking it to a few points on the frame.
Also make sure to keep the prop from spinning as it goes down the highway to minimize movement

I just finished my foam board full size model last night and took it to be fabricated this morning. It is a variation on the Air Conception carrier that I purchased from Aviator for my Tornado. Since I don’t need a gas can or a seat and the Aviator carrier works so good, I measured my SP140 and did a re-mix. :upside_down_face: The 2"X2" tubing is 3/16" thick, the deck is .080" and the bits welded to the deck are 1/8". I went with a 2"X2" tube because if I need to extend or raise the carrier, 1 1/4" to 2" extenders come in all sizes. Bill


I ordered this 12mmX14mm wire wrap to protect the aluminum tubing. Although the frame tubing is 20mm, the smaller size wrap seems to work better. It adds 4mm to the tubing diameter and still leaves about 6mm for some rubber padding on the carrier. It should work just fine. I will let you know.

Here is a photo of the 12mm X 14mm wrap installed on the flat bottom hoop section. It is very snug, but I did need to use a very small pop rivet to secure each end. The wrap should help protect the hoop section from the 1" X 12" angle I’m using on the rear of my carrier. Bill

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Zach, did you use an adapter 2" to 1 1/4"
Does the rack wobble a bit from side to side?
License plate: are you taking a chance by covering the license plate? Here in NY., they can pull you over for that😬 Rare but it happened. I made a plate holder. Takes two minutes to move the plate from the car to the carrier. I also attached a plate light to it. The carrier was free. Found it at my neighbor’s curb for recycling🤣 Chopped it, put a piece of wood on top. Added piece of carpet sample for the frame. Drilled a new pin hole to bring the carrier closer to the car.

This is the adapter that I use, and it does have a bit of slack.:confused:

Most of the slack comes from the 1 1/4" part, so, I am probably going to order this:

I’ll let you know how it works. Bill

I have a 2in hitch so no need for an adapter. It doesn’t wobble much at all.

Another reason why NY is crazy lol I don't worry about covering up the license plate, but I was curious so I looked it up for where I am in TX.

The visibility law specifically says it doesn’t apply to …

a bicycle or motorcycle rack that is attached to a vehicle in a normal or customary manner.

Texas Transportation Code Section 504.945 - Wrong, Fictitious, Altered, or Obscured License Plate (2019) (c)(5)
Also its a max of a $10 fine anyways :smiley: