SP140 throttle not recognized as USB device

Hello. I would like to update my throttle but I can’t get either a desktop or laptop PC to recognize it as a device. Both PCs are running Windows 11 with the latest Chrome update and I’ve tried a couple of different micro USB cables. The throttle powers up as in the tutorial video but it doesn’t appear as a connected device. Any suggestions?

Have you told Chrome (and given permissions) to connect to the USB device?

Disclaimer: I don’t use Windows or Chrome, but on my Mac with chromium-based browsers, there’s usually a step that involves telling the browser to connect to the USB device. It doesn’t do it automatically.

Hi grigsby. Thank you for the suggestion. It turned out to be a matter of finding the right micro USB cable. After testing several cables I was finally able to connect the throttle and update the firmware to version 5.6 using my PC. I hope to test it soon to see if the power surge/cutoff issue is resolved through the update.