SP140 throttle 3d print

Can anyone point me to the file for the 3d printed controller? I’d like to print one out of a more flexible material like TPU.

Thanks in advance!

Sp140 controler v1.1 v2.stl (2.6 MB)
V1.1 LH right step.step (834.5 KB)
V1.1 LH left step.step (1.0 MB)

These should be it


Thanks Paul! Much appreciated!

Perfect Thanks!

@Pdwhite, can we also get the trigger? I’d like to modify it to hold a spring. Thanks!

arm 5.stl (246.6 KB)
Sure here it is



What CAD software were these designed in? Any chance it’s FUSION 360 and we could get the design files to make tweaks easier?