SP140 Pre launch update

Gonna add more specs to site in a bit.

Product page link for waitlist signup https://openppg.com/shop/paramotors/openppg-sp140/


Nice update!! Love it!

So same flight time just slightly bigger pack? Slightly heavier? (Due to 21700 cells.) Just curious.

Nice work and excited to fly it. :slight_smile:

ya 21700 pack is about a pound heaver for the same kwh of energy.


I’m getting excited for this! Will the motor/battery/throttle be available without the frame? Do the mount points conform to some sort of standard?

Awesome! Great work and appreciate the video update.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery pack? And is it easily swappable? What is the cost for a second battery pack?

Also if getting in the first wave of pre-orders, when can I expect delivery to NJ?

I’m super excited for this to launch! This will be my first ppg and I have been waiting patiently, hoping to get in on the first batch :crossed_fingers:. I really appreciate the hard work you’ve put into this.


Just sold some tesla stock. I have 7K USD waiting for you. :slight_smile:


TAKE MY MONEY!!! thanks for all the hard work put into this… looks like the wait is going to pay off!