SP140 Parts Availability

Just curious on the status of spare parts like nets, hoop sections etc. Are there any in stock ?

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Yep nets and frames.
If you mess up your net, you can get a free replacement net just pay the shipping.


Hey PD got mine now, the frame got 3 damages on it from the transport, can’t see it at the beginning and don’t want to let get the motor back,….
Any chance of replacement ?
I can send you photos

Sorry to hear of your frame being damaged. Mine was also damaged by United Package Smashers. Paul was true to his word and sent me a replacement frame. I cannot speak for him but I have no doubt he will replace yours as well. He deals with support issues directly through the message system. Please send him a message directly and he will respond.

Yes please send me an email info@openppg.com I can help you there, or you can send me a PM here with the pictures.

My throttle got damaged when I pulled it too hard and I got a replacement quite promptly, thank you Paul, you are the greatest!

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