SP140 order confirmation emails

Did anyone get a confirmation email after ordering? I saved a PDF of the confirmation webpage with order #, but… no email, and nothing in spam.

You should get a confirmation email. I can double check to make sure everything is going out ok. I know I’ve been receiving the order emails on my end.

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Guys, I did receive my email confirmation at 2am this morning when I ordered…ZZZZzzzzzz.

I did not either @zjwhitehead

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Glad it’s not just me then :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, me neither

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Can confirm I also did not receive any confirmation email.

It looks like all of the orders were received but the email doesn’t go out until payment clears.
In most of the cases for bank transfer it takes a couple business days. At that point the order status should update and the emails will go out.
Sorry for any confusion!


Hi , Zach, I see my payment cleared but I have not received a confirmation email.

I’m waiting for my bank to allow wire transfers. as soon as I have it, payment will be sent your way.

We receive the order confirmations =)

Its actually 4-5 business days for ACH as described here. You should get confirmation early next week it looks like.

Ordered mine this morning. Will look for the confirmation email around Wed or Thur before I panic. Cannot wait to try this out. I have been looking forward to it for a long time.

I found out you can press “my account” at the bottom of the website and login to see your order status too :slight_smile:

I realized I was not logged into my account when I made the order so it is not associated with my account. Not sure it the order registered. I got the confirmation screen with an order number. I hope it went through.

Just got my confirmation email! :+1:

Same, got my email today!

Got my email today. Woohoo!

Is there anybody how get in contact with the guys?
We’ve paid two SP140 and got only a info a day after that one is received,…

We wanna know if the money from the other is also received but know 7 days without any respons.

We get a little bit nervously, a lot of money maybe the guys are in holiday? Or got a lot of work?

Maybe somebody know them better and give them a shoud???

At least no confirmation in the shop also,… :-/

For me it took 8 days until I got the confirmation email, you can also check your order status when you login. Was also able to get a few questions answered by direct messaging.

Now on the communication from the team, it would be nice to be receiving a few updates on our orders, we are 6 weeks till the advertised ship date and would also like to know if they are on schedule. I am sure they are busy and would prefer they spend time building a quality product rather than marketing, but a quick post every few weeks wouldn’t hurt!

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