SP140 New owner simple questions thread

Added a magnet to my helmet and another to the controller so I can stow it with cruse control on and not bump the throttle taking cruse off as I’m adjusting something. Also will help keep the controller to the frame with storing so it doesn’t get damaged…after I add another magnet to the frame somewhere as most of it is aluminum .

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That’s brilliant! I love magnets!

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Speedbar on Paramotor is good when you want to go faster, of course. If I just want to go fast for short period I use speedbar. If it’s super smooth air I’ll let trimmers out to go faster for longer periods. Also, if you get caught in light rain before you can land, you’re supposed to accelerate your wing. I would use speedbar for this. Get caught in stronger winds, speedbar if necessary to get to your LZ.


My PG harness has a speedbar, but the PPG Dudek Comfort for SP140 does not come with one (only the pulleys). Where can I get one? My single-skin Dudek V-King likes a bit of speedbar.

I think the speedbar usually comes with the wing, not the harness. But they’re pretty easy to buy separately, too.


Miniplane USA is where I got mine. Fastest delivery after ordering I’ve experienced for parts.

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Anybody else having a problem completing a parts order. I enter all the required information with my parts order, but it’s not accepting my shipping address. Wants me to give another address. Apparently Arkansas is on an embargo list or something!

Yes I had that issue. I just entered the same address twice.

And your order was accepted after that. I’ve tried ordering a couple different days now. Won’t got through.

Paul got it fixed for me and got my parts orderedThanks Paul. I’ll try not to bother you for a while!

When sitting in the harness, the goose necks are bent to the right. I guess this is normal to compensate for something?
Also have some1 thought about having some kind of kill switch if ESC would “hang” in full throttle or similar. All I need is a way to disconnect the battery in flight if some bug happens.

Allex, the old way in EV drag racing is an “oh shit” handle. You would anchor one side of the battery connector to the frame with a strap or cable tie. Fasten a cord to the other side of the connector, put a handle on the end of that and tape it to somewhere you can access it but it won’t get in the way normally.
If it runs away, rip the cord.

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Hey y’all.

New here and just ordered the sp140 yesterday. I have 140ish hrs on top80s. Blew up 2 of them.

What size Hex key fits the prop screws? I want to order a ratchet bit for my torque wrench.


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5mm I believe.
Get ready for the power, the SP makes dang near double the thrust of a top80.

Thx for the info.

Yeah, definitely gonna start in chill mode!

Even in chill mode the torque surprised me haha. But awesome machine, you’ll love it!

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