Sp140 mount to trike in 3 mins

Here is how I mount the SP140 to my colibri trike.

I’m planning on buying and flying a nano trike… Probably the Airone that Scout sells. Any body else ?

40 lbs for the trike? I am pretty sure mine weighs less than 25. That 15 lbs is a lot to give away on an electric trike in my opinion.

@Pdwhite can you tell me why my post came up with someone else’s account? What is Daily Shorts?

lol, I saw your post and that you missed the link, so I linked your video from yt :slight_smile:

Weird… Thanks then :grin:

Dchastain - after trying several different solutions I think your hole drilling for a Colibri is the best way forward. What technique did you use to center the drilling on the tubes? Thanks.

Are you able to do full power inflations alright without the hoop bending into the prop?

I can imagine you’ve gotta get a perfectly straight inflation to avoid lines in the prop. I’ve been thinking about designing a clamp-on double hoop that clamps on the existing hoop for trike use.