Sp140: High or low hangpoints?

I haven’t found any frame details yet. The photos look like gooseneck (medium?) hangpoints. As one who has used only low hangpoint paramotors, what differences would I expect? I like the weightshift and the feeling of direct connection to the wing I get with low hangpoints.

Since Ive flown both I can say its pretty similar to the hangpoints on the nitro 200.

ya definitely not high hang point setup, it’s a similar as a scout, parajet maverick, nitro 200, i would consider it a mid to low hang point.

What about the swing arm attachment point? Does it use a hub at the joint or a single bolt like a Nitro 200?

How difficult would it be to put this SP140 electric motor on another Paramotor Frame? not complaining just want to stay with what I know. Thank you.

Also are there pictures of a Trike?