SP140 ESC setup and software question

hi guys.
i wanna order my SP140 these days. whats the software called to programm the ESC?
and which parameters are we allowed to change? for shipping reasons i need to make my own battery and cant just buy one. but for that i need to set the low voltage cut from 2.5V each cell up to 3.5V (around 83V lowest voltage)
is it possible?

The software is called ADP configurator. You will need version 1.1. it is available from the ADP propulsion systems website. There are options for a power reduction at low voltage limit or hard cut at low voltage limit. I have not tried either of those but I have reversed prop direction from the configurator successfully

dude! i am on my knees here. so thankful for your comment. thanks alot i will look into that now. if this means i can reduce low voltage cut to another level i can build any battery i want here and it will work just fine. cheers mate!°

Discussed here, no reason to create new threads:

so i talked to the ESC manufacturer and he said per email that i can NOT set and different voltage cut in the software. means i can only use lifepo cells but not lipos which need a low voltage cut around 3.55V

he said its always around 2.5V… strange. can somebody of you guys check that inside the configurator? i dont have an SP140 here yet. but i need to go out today and build the battery.