Sp140 battery straps

What is the best way to secure the SP140 battery to the frame? My battery straps are a continuous loop and don’t seem to allow disconnecting to run the strap through the frame.

Gravity is all you need! The frame and battery are designed to be pretty snug on their own, no straps required

So people doing acro aren’t going to have a battery fly out the back?

If they are in anything below 0g then they are probable gift wrapped in their wing :grimacing:. In a paramotors flight envelope 0g should never be experience. Others had similar question you can see the thread here Quick flight with the SP140 - #8 by tatawaki

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I must have missed that. Thanks.

There is another string where the pilot was doing some rough acro flying and damaged the arm that the riser connects to.
They are not designed for that kind of flying.
If you are going to do rough acro flying, you need to make modifications.

I use a large velcro strap (about 5cm wide) to fix the battery to the frame. This is a simple, easy to use and low weight solution. Of course the strength is limited, but I will be enough to help in certain cases, e.g. like stopping the battery from slipping out on rough landings.

I had my battery slide partially out the first time I tried to put PPG back on in the field. I couldn’t get up my normal way like on my Miniplane, so I went to all 4’s and my head ended up low. Heard battery slide and hit 2 uprights and stop. Lucky or it could have been a good headache. These things ain’t meant for 60 year old knees.