SP140 Battery Error

Have any of you guys seen this issue yet? After an awesome flight last weekend I flew right at an hour it died over the LZ and landed fine. I disconnected the battery and re connected it to see if it would say how long my flight time was and saw this but figured it was dead. Charged it this week and got theses results: Battery 100%- Connect power - controller boots up- no beep from esc on start up- no beeps saying it’s connected- but will arm and disarm however it won’t do anything.

Went over a few checks per @glydrfreak

-Blue light is on inside throttle.
-I checked all Plugs twice.
-Checked voltage between black and yellow. 4.96
-Checked voltage between yellow and white 10.27
-Checked voltage between yellow and red and it changes when I squeeze the throttle.
-Checked voltage between orange and black 3.12.

Seems as if the esc is sending an incorrect readout or telemetry back to the controller.

On two previous flights it randomly disarmed at cruise power.
1.30TT on unit.

Any ideas?

Also, I Manually Checked battery voltage on the battery at the connector. 99.1v


Back working by simply re-loading the firmware. Not really sure what happened or why it did that.


Hmm, I’m doubtfull that reloading the firmware actually fixed the issue. Sounds more like you have a loose pin or loose connection at the ESC. Mine did that after I extended my cable for right hand throttle operation until I improve the connection by soldering directly to the pins on the ESC.

I checked all connections thoroughly. Like 4 times… lol whatever it was it seems to be okay for the time being.