SP140 Battery Containment Bags?

I searched and saw previous discussion, but it didn’t look like anyone had previously found one that fit.

Has anyone located an off the shelf Lithium Ion containment bag to handle run away battery fires that fits the full-size battery for the SP140?

I’m currently looking at protecting all my batteries since just one can cause a massive disaster.

I have found some Lithium Ion battery safe cases from a company I saw recommended. Not bags, but physical cases. (Seems bags tend to fail real world tests anyways). But dang are they expensive. Still a lot cheaper than burning down ones home…

$715 and looks like it would fit one battery

$765 and I think it would fit two batteries laying on top of each other

I’ve also seen battery bunkers made of cinderblocks and hardi cement board. Maybe that’s the route to go.

I’ve also seen tips of keeping a bag of sand that can melt right above it, so the bag will melt and the sand will fall out and smother the fire.

You can use a fire blanket