SP140 battery connector 3d print files?

Hey Paul, are the files for the new battery connector covers posted somewhere? I’d like to print a couple of sets. Thanks!

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Battery side bottom v2.3mf (99.3 KB)
ESC side top v2.3mf (86.4 KB)
ESC side Bottom v2.3mf (89.3 KB)
Battery side top v2.3mf (93.1 KB)

Can see here


Thanks Paul! Much appreciated!

I read these are going out in free upgrade kits.
I would like 2 pair for free as I have purchased two 1 hr batteries and it’s hard as hell to unplug them @Pdwhite thanks

Will they be added to the store? Or maybe somebody can add a link to a 3rd party online printing service that can print them (and ideally include the correct screws in single shipment, or at least another link for those).

Ya you can pick up some here

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what are the specs for the nuts and bolts?

2 x #4-48 x 18mm
1 x #4-48 x 12mm
Square nut is 5mm


Modified version of the ESC side top & bottom with additional room carved out to better fit unevenly oriented wires.


What’s the recommended print material for these files? I.E. PLA, TPU , PETG, ABS.
Also, has anyone applied any battery terminal anti corrosion to the terminals or lubricant to the outside of the battery connector? I had to drive all the way home yesterday with the battery connected to the ESC cause I couldn’t unplug the battery after my flight. I had to resort to a heat gun and clamps to get enough grip area to pull the connection apart.

I like to use PETG for stuff like that.

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