SP140 Batch 3 shipping status?

Hey all. Has anyone heard any updates on the status of the current SP140 batch production? I know they ran into some supply chain and shipping issues with parts that delayed the production over the last couple months. Are they on track to start shipping this month? Thank you!


I talked to Paul last week and he was confident they were going to start shipping out this week.

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I sure hope that’s true. I don’t think I can survive waiting another month. I might literally lie down in my yard and die if it doesn’t come soon.


Remaining parts came in yesterday, new frames look good. The Bluetooth modules were not installed in the batteries so we have to go through them all and test. Biggest time factor will be netting on the frames and testing. I think we should have some of the first units out by the end of the month. Others are about two weeks out.

Its at least in our hands now so timeline can be more confident.


That’s exciting news! Thanks for the update! @Pdwhite, do you mean you are installing bluetooth modules and then testing them or will this batch be shipped without them? Is it a different BMS than the first batch?

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We will install them. Ya different BMS then batch 1 and 2


I’ll do a separate post later to fully explain the changes but there’s also another batch of controllers on the way.
We had to make a few tweaks since the last batch due to chip shortages.
Thankfully we have enough leftover controllers to still start shipping out next week.

Those that get the new controller design shouldn’t notice much of a difference, other than a different firmware file when updating down the road.


Thanks guys. Looking forward to the more detailed update. Wish I lived close I’d come help assemble!

Yes! Really looking forward to getting into ePPG flying. Christmas in July!!

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Well did some get shipped!? And will we be notified if ones heading our direction at all!? Hoping I make first shipment, can’t wait! Thanks!

I haven’t received any information or communication either. If the OpenPPG company grows at all, they should maybe consider hiring a communications person. :slight_smile:

Every time I call they answer and when I text he responds same day.

Last I heard the other day I was not in the first group of shipments but he was optimistic mine would ship by end of next week.

You should get an email with a notification when your item ships.

I’m sure they’re responsive, but the only way I have to get in touch is by email and it usually takes them at least a few days to answer. I’ve tried not to inquire too often (I think I’ve only asked twice, and they were about four to six weeks apart). So it’s probably a good thing I don’t have their phone number, because if I texted them every time I wished for an update, they’d soon block my number! :slight_smile: My impression is that some pro-active communication (e.g. an email list with somewhat regular status updates) might help alleviate customer anxieties about “when is my stuff shipping?” and would take the pressure off them to only ever be in a reactive position to customer inquiries.


Ya I get it. But at the same time if they tell me mine will ship by end of next week then I reach out again if that doesn’t happen for a new update. We are all just so anxious lol.

Only a few got out, ya always a bit optimistic. We really don’t want to do pre-orders in the future and think this will be the last time pre-orders will be an options for the SP140. We should just be to the point of stocking units and parts.
Thanks for your patience


Where do we stand on the shipping flood? Thanks!!


That’s great news! I bet people will be excited about speedy shipments on these.

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What news is that? What speedy shipments? They were supposed to start shipping two weeks ago and we haven’t gotten any real information about the status, aside from a tepid “Ah, we didn’t actually ship very many” at the end of last week. And no updates at all this week. No emails, no posts here, nothing. Just silence.

When I ordered the website said it would ship by end of May. Every business is hurting in this aspect that deals with overseas shipments, parts, and electronics so I can be understanding with the delay. But after they get all the parts in and they are assembling and getting orders ready for shipment I was hoping it would ship a little faster. Let’s just hope it’s not much longer. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

I understand the delays due to shipping and supply chain issues were out of everyone’s control. But I believe they received the remainder of the parts on June 22nd and had everything they needed to assemble and start shipping motors.

I’m feeling frustrated – as I’m sure others are, too – because when you order a super cool new toy that is a) pretty expensive; and b) something we’re very excited to receive and start flying asap; and c) already significantly delayed, it’s hard to sit by and twiddle our thumbs and accept that there has been absolutely no information forthcoming. Are they being assembled? Are any being shipped? What’s the ETA on getting the rest of them out the door? Are the guys even around, or did they go on vacation? I’ve received no communication, no information, nothing.

I just wish I felt that the OpenPPG guys were as invested (and excited) as I am about me getting my ass up in the air.