Sp140 Batch 1-2

Wanted to give an update on Sp140 availability.

The good news is all the Sp140 units we made are sold. Bad news is it never made it to being available in stock. People preorder more then i was expecting but that partly because it took so long in manufacturing with all the covid/production problems. So it was up for pre-order longer then i planed originally. We did order extra units on top of the orders already paid for to have in stock. Those just never made it to stock and sold before they could.

So that takes us to batch 2, I don’t really wanna do batch’s for the Sp140 like we did for the X4. I would like to have them in stock. This should be the last time we do pre-orders. I’m going to keep the price the same for these pre-orders for batch 2. After the 4/30 Pre-orders will be no longer available and the price will increase to the standard stock price. So prices will go up around $200.

The good thing is the manufacturing turnaround should be much faster and predictable because it has already been done once. I expect Batch 2 units to begin shipping out 6/18. https://openppg.com/shop/paramotors/openppg-sp140/?attribute_harness=Apco+Split+Leg+Harness+(L%2FXL)&attribute_prop=140cm+tri-blade

Also update for Founder Additions Sp140 pre-orders (batch 1). They are handling customs docs now and transferring out of the port. I was told it wouldn’t take so long to do so but you know how that is, there always got to be a delay and the blame game goes around. There is a lot of ships backed up in port now that merch is flowing again and businesses are low on stock and back orders are coming in.

I’m really hoping we see the container come in next week. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for the update!

Could you also please provide the checkout code for the discounted second battery with unit purchase?

Thank you!


Appreciate the update. Please let us know when you start shipping the units to customers.
Thank you.

I Echo the comments here, and a heads-up would be great - especially for international shipments - we need to get import paperwork sorted!

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