SP140 - Assembly Q and Upgrades

First Assembly Question:

  1. Do you/should you use blue locktite on any of the bolts? I know there’s nylon nuts, and will be part of my pre-flight check.

Upgrades I will look into:

  1. 3D print a cover that will prevent accidental pulling out of throttle cable wires + ESC terminal cover.
  2. cap for battery connector
  3. Carbon Fibre back plate in case of fire: PEEK carbon fiber plate

Upgrades for version 2.

  1. colour code the spars for quicker assembly
  2. Use locking connectors or more industrial grade connectors to ESC
  3. fix arm/disarm finicky button (debounce code right?)

Ouch – that stuff is expensive – and they state low flammability so it has to get really hot to burn?. Cost wise better off to go with Alu in my opinion if your concerned - so far there has been only 3 people die from bat fires , kidding - ZERO battery fires in the OpenPPG community or Etrikes or Eflying anything that I know, someone correct me if I am wrong. Not saying impossible - just highly unlikely, I guess once Eflying is more numerous than more likely.

I like the idea of the cover over the controller battery connectors but for a more industrial connectors – they look pretty robust for the application.


Ya Loctite is used on the motor plate bolts, as they don’t have nylon nuts.

Would you want to see the whole spar a different color or just like a colored mark somewhere on it?

This is coming latter

This is also getting worked on, but code is open sourced so if you want to implement whatever you like your self you can also.

How about colored, removable tape on the spars? Green and blue painters tape.


I dont think having different spar colors just for length mark makes any sense, neutral black beats out a rainbow frame for most.

this would be a nice to have, that or maybe a tiny strip at the ends of the spar, but definitely not the entire spar.

That said, maybe in the future having different color spars in stock could be a thing to get as extra for color customization :stuck_out_tongue: But this would be like a set of all black, or white, or red, or blue, or fuchsia O.o etc…

for now I just sharpied S,M,L on the frame pegs. I see myself taking apart and forgetting which goes where. would be interesting if it was just a small ring at the base of the spar.

I should clarify, the .1" pin connectors to the throttle. would like to see those with a locking connector and be more robust. I’m not harping on it, but I can see the potential something knocking it and breaking them off. Either a cover or stronger connectors.

@Pdwhite I was measuring Braedin’s frame and figured out that if the spars were at slightly different angles than how they are now you could make them all the same size. Is that a revision you would be willing to make?

Sure send a drawing of the placements and ill take a look, can just be a picture or ms paint