Sp-vid - when the sun is not around


Nice flight, looks like you are getting the throttle control down with less oscillations. I’m wondering if you weight shifted to the right more then you wouldn’t have to hold so much right control toggle to fly straight in free flight.

Do you not teach your students"cross control" when reverse kiting?

Happy Flying!


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the torque compensation. I was taught cross control when you are reverse kiting, keeping the left brake toggle in the left hand and the right brake toggle in the right hand. This way if the glider goes right you step right and pull right and vise versa.


That reminded me of a video I saw of this guy basically doing Paragliding Parkour out in the desert - climbing walls and jumping stuff.

This is not that video but a pretty amusing one I came across looking for the other one: Grazy groundhandling with paraglider! Awesome skills! - YouTube

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