"SP" meaning in SP140


I don’t know if it’s a valuable question to ask the community, but I was just wondering what the “SP” stands for in SP140?


Single Prop 140cm


Solar powered.
Jk still working on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I rigged my solar MPPT controller to a boost converter and now charge the 4KW battery directly off my solar panels! So yes it can be technically done.


Thanks! where i can read about dooble prop? Interest for trike using

The other paramotor they sell is the X4 which has 4 small motors and 4 small props. One large single prop is much more efficient though. They don’t make a double prop nor would there be any advantage to doing so.

Is it more efficient to charge this way verses Solar power system through charger plugged into inverter? I might be putting solar panels on my 68 Airstream, and was wondering the best way.

You could get a DC/DC power supply that’s capable of 100v output at up to ~20A and that would be more efficient. It’s probably less of a question of whether its doable and more of if its worth the extra money to buy a dedicated special DC charger based on your solar system.