Sp carrier license plate

I keep my SP fully assembled as all the locals do around here and carry it on a rear platform. I was tired of removing the four license plate screws off my car to reattach the plate on the carrier and reverse the procedure after coming back home each time I went flying. The NY State law says that the plate must be fully visible at all timer and have a light illuminating it. It seldom happens for anyone to get a ticket for not complying with the law but I didn’t want to take a chance and made a custom SP140 rack. For the last two seasons I have been using a powered screwdriver too move the plate back and forth and finally had enough of it as I was flying more and more with the SP.
I came up with a solution which works quit well and all the needed hardware can be purchased on Amazon to be adapted to the carrier.
I bought four plate magnets and a rubberized plate frame:

The plate support is a OXO vegetable cutting board😆

The light is a USB bicycle rechargeable light good for ten to eleven hours. I just need to remember to turn it on before night driving.


It’s not clear to me from these images exactly how this PPG support frame is attached to the vehicle, but I’m sure it’s not much different from the attachment method employed for a towing hitch. The needs for trailer towing also include electrical connections for lighting. Rather than depending on a battery-powered light for your license plate, that you must remember to turn on and off manually, why not have an automotive electrician connect a cable that would power a light over your plate exactly as the light over the built-in plate location is lit automatically?