SP 140: standard options (props, harness, and battery)

Congrats to the guys of Oppg on the release of the new unit, and everyone that’s been involved so far!
I didn’t want to rush or overwhelm the SP 140 status topic, as more info will be release as we go. I thought I would open up a casual question/opinion area, as these were some of my initial thoughts while looking over the release notes.

Some of these might be obvious, but sometimes there’s opinions (or facts) that haven’t been thought of or just overlooked. I know some of this is just basics, so of course I suggest everyone do their own research. Personally I’m a licensed pg pilot, so there’s my background! I’ll be in line for the SP140 in a future date… moving on.

It sounds like we can get into different sized props, for now I’ll just stick with the two offered 140cm two or three blade options. pros, cons? 3 blade would be less vibration, would this be more quite at cruise? …because the cruise rpm’s on a two blade would be slightly faster? (could be wrong) Also, it was cool to hear that we could lock in a altitude cruise if I read that right. I’m also looking forward to hearing about the controller “options” and programming!

Harness… This might be totally personal preference. It’s been said the people that crossed over from pg to ppg really weight shift into their turns more. I’m used to the seat board, enjoy that for comfort, wingovers, etc, buts its just what I have. Is their claimed split leg harness that comfortable and really allowing for that much movement? … and good for 1hr plus?

Battery. Should I even bring this up? lol. But I’ve already seen questions around it, so might as well… I think this ones obvious! I guess for me If I’m spending the money, I don’t need to save the $450, and I bought the most amount of time possible, without a batt. swap. Eventually I would spend $995 on a 2kwh pack, but eventually I’ll also want the tesla battery pack swap option as well, lol.
I get it though, power up, thermal around, ridge soar, teach a class, lots of variables. glad we will have options.


Tucker has recently done some comparisons between two and three blade props. Here are some of my take aways in his words:

Two blade:

  • ramps up quicker
  • sounds “better”

Three blade:

  • less vibration
  • noticeably more power
  • “weird” sound as it beats the air at a different frequency

@glydrfreak Thanks for that feedback. I was interested so I tracked down the youtube video where he talked about e-Props blades. You guys can watch here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IElN4nVe7us ). I heard more things I liked about the three blade props. He gave it a 9 outta 10.

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Hey flyers… I’ve been building and testing eppg’s for the last seven years, including the use of a number of props… including e props which are very good, though it was really necessary to get the pitch right… Helix made a very good 130 prop for the 15 kW Rotex motor and MGM esc I used. However, I really love a two blade folding prop for the type of flying we do…

On another point about options, pdwhite, can we order the propolusion unit and charger… many of us already have the cage harness and props, but a motor/esc/battery setup would be very useful… and of course a bit cheaper for those who have already invested in the other components… thanks again for the great innovations…

Hi Peter,
mate i am delighted to hear that you have so much experience in building electric.
Since I am on a constrained budget, I decided to source all parts from Alibaba. I am buying this motor
https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4001208178968.html the sensorless version costs 650.
Which version should I go for i.e. with or without sensor ?
my next question is about propeller, for this motor what do you recommend to get the most out of it ?
I would be really grateful for your advice or any other suggestions.
thanks heaps

Hi Satti… I do not recommend buying this gear. I tried some of the Freerchobby gear and was underwhelmed. Save your money and get some better gear. Best, Peter