SP-140 shipping to Europe

Hi, I’m interested in the SP-140 but although I’ve been reading through the forums for some weeks now I still have some questions regarding price and shipping. I see the SP-140 V1.1 being advertised at 6.759 $ is this the complete kit? Because I can’t order it, there is only the built it option. Thing is when I build it, although I choose the 1/2h accu and two halves prop, I end up at 7.200$. And if I chose shipping to Romania, an EU country, I find out to my astonishment to be 900$! Is this for real? I mean I’ve read here somewhere when someone from Australia got an approximate shipping quote for the SP-140 of about 100$…

Shipping to the UK for me was about $400.

The advertised price may be without extras such as the harness maybe?