SP 140 Prop Wanted and Harness swap

Anyone have an SP140 e- prop they would like to sell before I order a replacement one? Would prefer 3 blade and I live in BC Canada.

Also looking for a Large Harness to swap for a small, finding the small is not quite what I need.


Hi, too bad for the harness size, I think I would have liked to swap from large to small (despite size references), but I live in France. What does not fit you with the small ? I’m 1.80m and 85kg, and the L/XL harness keeps me too low, which does not ease the use of the brakes and keep the goose neck bars too close from my armpits.

So what I find is exactly the opposite that the small harness doesnt let me sit back far enough and feels like I’m on the edge of the seat.
I’m 1.65m and weigh the same at 85kg.