SP 140 - Motor Spinup

Hey there, my SP 140 arrived and got all things together,…

First spin up was fine, but i feel a bit of vibrations while spinning.
Not much, but you feel it,…

The Motor, without the propeller, spins up without any problems.

Is it normal that there are a little vibrations? Don´t want to get the motor or ESC get damaged,…?
Maybe some one out there can help me out?



I did not feel any abnormal vibrations on mine, prop torqued and seated?

Ok sounds not that good, but what is abnromal vibrations?
So there are small little vibrations? Or they are really no vibrations?

I know its hard to explain, the vibrations are very very small but you can feel them,…
I´ve flown only gas powered engines and really dont know the feeling of the propeller without the vibrating gas motor,…

you may want to check if your prop is perfectly balanced.

If your prop is slightly imbalanced, this is the reason for the vibration. it may break your setup and your prop if you don’t balance the prop perfectly.

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an e-prop is used. these propellers are sold by weight only. therefore you almost always have to rebalance them. Most pilots do not recognize this with a gasoline engine because the gasoline engine itself already has extreme vibrations. With the electric you can feel this a lot more when the propeller is not balanced.

Yes its an 2-blade e-prop,…
ok I’ve never balanced a prop before, and every video out there is different, any fast help for me?
Otherwise I don’t want to send the propeller to a manufacture to get it balanced…

hang the sp 140 around you so that you can let it run. support yourself from eg. on a mast or tree if you can’t handle it at full throttle. then ask a friend to attach a piece of tape to one side. let the engine run. it will be better make another try. take a little more tape. if it gets worse, reduce the tape until it is perfect and you no longer feel any vibration.

if it gets worse with 1 attempt, remove the tape and stick it on the other side. then continue with reducing the amount or increasing it. if the prop is running perfectly weigh the amount of tape with a postal scale. then replace the weight with a small steel pin in the propeller that you glue in with glue. this is how you get a perfectly running system in a few minutes.

i have been doing this for 10 years with everything eppg and ppg.

so far i have balanced around 50 e props and mostly a weight of 1-1.8 grams was necessary.

Hey there, iv´ve tried this, but its not vibrationless,…
I´ve put off the propeller again and sitting there in the harness hanging and spin up the motor,…

There a micro, really micro vibrations while full throttle the motor. its like a bit iam not sure if its normal and the kind of minimal mechanical micro viorbrations.

Maybe i feel it a bit to much?

I could feel the motor stepping at very low throttle (like with any other electric motor I am guessing). These are completely unnoticeable at any sort of throttle position that produces useable thrust. I agree with another post above, have you tried taking off the prop, re-assembling it and putting it back on? Perhaps it was not seated in the best position. Also make sure you don’t have a loose strap waving around in front of the prop. Next, try balancing as bratwurst explains above.

I’ve send PD a video from the vibrations with a cup of water, let’s see what he said,…

My friend got his sp140 now, tomorrow I will have a look at his and get the feeling from his motor,….