Sp-140 learning curve

The more I fly the SP the more I dig it. I brought a few modifications to it (none on the electric side - less is more!). I do not care about too much screen info which I would not use anyway. I rather like concentrate on the flying part and enjoy the view instead. The only thing I look at is the % number on the screen. The rest is all fluff to me😄. BTW, the battery an the ESC were barely warm after cruising in 90 plus degree weather, so all is good. I am more interested in comfort which is great I have to say with a really nice harness. I am working on a system to find the right balance between takeoff torque and cruising torque. Each new flight with the same wing, size and weather conditions allow me to compare and modify. I have made 5 upgrades already. Slowly learning about the machine.
Not interested in flying high or far or doing Acro, - I come from a PG background where proximity flying is what is most exciting to me. We have small LZ surrounded by obstacles which makes approaches spicier - Touch and Go and Top-landings are always on the menu each time we go out PG. The SP makes it fun to navigate the terrain. Once in a blue Moon I will climb higher and go to free-flying mode (zero RPM) to glide down. So far Overall, I would not change a thing. I am working my way to do ridge soaring in free-flying mode with the SP (8 to 10mph) with a PG wing not a reflex glider. I have done it with the X-4 and liked it.
I hope you will enjoy the video - Watch it on YouTube and bigger screen.


Cool video, what’s your YT channel? Is there a way to adjust the motor ramp up in the ESC settings like you can with most RC hobby ESCs? Also, check to see if there’s a “brake” adjustment for the ESC, maybe softening the amount of brake in the ESC will help with the sudden jolts.

Thanks Mike
ESC adjustments: you need to ask Paul and his brother Zach about that.



I’ll sub thanks.


Thanks Mike. I post a new vid for my students (constructive criticism) each time I teach - not only when I fly electric.