Someone talk me out of buying the amazon eppg

Anyone seen this amazon ppg for sale? It’s tempting because you can get it now instead of waiting until summer for the X4 or who knows how long.

Minne Motor Electric Paramotor Complete Setup Kit

Weight flight time and cost. Doesn’t include the battery.

Interesting… Similar price …

only possible to fly in countries that have no extra low voltage regulation with a maximum of 60 volts. The flight time with the recommended batteries is approx. 12 minutes for an 80 kg pilot.

there is some regulation of voltage ??

in many countries in europe it is the case that the + /- can be touched and not excluded that people have wet hands, for example. the voltage at dc must not be higher than 60 volts. every battery that is plugged in is touchable. therefore there are usually only 48 V systems, for example. at e-bike etc. or powertools. and e-ppg, e-foil, all rc esc, etc. only China stuff has more then 60 V. some Import it too Europa. the the border Police somethimes take it from the buyer /market an destroi it. if China stuff with mre then 60 V ignites a house, it burns down the owner has big Troubles…

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I have been looking into building my own electric paramotor so I have researched every electric paramotor that I can find. That one is the Minne paramotor. These are my problems with it. the paramotor is running a small enough propeller that it takes away almost every efficiency benefit that you get from a single propeller(40 inch prop), it uses lawn mower batteries which are heavy and don’t hold much power, the unit weighs far more that your Open PPG units, the Open PPG has more thrust, his paramotor uses some of the cheapest components you can find, And he is charging you way to much for the unit.

I could show you how to build that exact thing he is selling for about $2500 and save you a lot of money.

In my opinion the Open PPG is a far better option as it weighs less, has more power, better flight time for the same weight, uses better components, it costs less, and offers no torque twist.

*Update: I looked back into it again as I haven’t in a few months. Here is a comparison to the Open PPG 4x

WEIGHT (w/ out batteries):
Open PPG-21lb

The Open PPG uses some fairly high end Mad M10 IPE motors which would cost any of us $267 a piece or $1068 for all four of them. The single large Minne motor can be bought out of china for $285. To me this is a clear statement about the quality difference between the two.

Minne roughly 75lb thrust
Open PPG 150-160lb thrust w/ 7s lipo

---------------------------Minne---------------Open PPG
Number/type ------3x lawn mower ------4x Bonka 7s
total cost------------- $700usd--------------$1000
total weight ---------16.5lb -----------------22lb
voltage ---------------80v --------------------51.8v
AH --------------------12ah -------------------44ah
Total PWR ----------960wh -----------------2,279wh
w/kg ------------------130w/kg ---------------231w/kg
*these are all rough numbers

As the batteries go, the Minne are heavy, low power, and cost a lot for the power they provide.

Minne- less than 15minutes - 49lb takeoff weight
Open PPG- roughly 25minutes - 43lb takeoff weight

these are all just rough numbers. I probably got a little to carried away. Based on all this I think I would stick with an Open PPG as it costs less and it is better in almost every way.


Great comparison. But still i was thinking also the powertool batteries which you can buy sometimes as promotion. Better suited for an efoil or jetesurf…

probably better suited for something that doesn’t fly. There are people who have built their own 18650 battery packs that have twice the w/kg of the lawnmower batteries that Minne is using. At the same time it surprised me to see how much more money Open PPG is spending on each unit compared to Minne, yet the Open PPG paramotor costs $2300 less…

seriously if someone wanted to build the ultimate cheap paramotor this could be it. it also makes me a little sad to see that someone is selling all this without the $1000 worth of batteries for $5500

4x Bonka------$1000
TOTAL= $2655
granted I haven’t added the cost of shipping into this and there are many miscellaneous components that I haven’t accounted for such as throttle and wiring. But this would be close to the final flying cost.

great! Show it :slight_smile:

Well that’s just it, the paramotor would be junk just like what Minne is selling. You would get awful flight times, the esc would burn up within the month, the slightest vibrations would destroy the motor bearings, and It wouldn’t be worth owning. By ultimate, I meant the cheapest you could possibly fly with, not a paramotor worth owning.

The idea is that instead of paying someone $5500usd for the garbage you could build it yourself for under $3000usd, but you should accept that within the month the whole thing could burn to the ground. Or you could just flush your money down the toilet because that’s what you would get in the long run. :wink:

I spent over. Thousand dollars on batteries that were advertised exactly the same as the bonkas. They de soldered inside the packs and because it was from China and not reputable I couldn’t get a refund I bought the bonkas and learned a $1000 lesson. Don’t buy cheap.

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Agreed. Even more so when your life counts on it…

Cougar, I hope I talked you out of the Minne. It is very low quality and it is priced too high. There are many decent places to buy an electric paramotor such as Paracell, Exomo, and Open PPG. Go to them before you go to a paramotor like Minne. It may cost more in the beginning but in the long run it will save a lot of pain, headache, and possibly your life.

I have been meaning to ask Thomas Brandstetter if CustomParamotors is currently selling paramotors. If they are that would be one of the best places to get one as they use high quality parts and have gotten some amazing flight times with test paramotors built for endurance.

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Right and lipos are inherently risky to use, going lower quality only ups the risk in my opinion

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And on top of it you are using components more likely to short out, they have less battery protection, and I have seen even ESCs light on fire before.

Haha. Yeah you guys definitely talked me out of it. I’m glad you guys have set aside time for this because money spent right is money saved in the long run. Thanks so much all! I guess I just have to be patient for the X4 to release. So much waiting :frowning:

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With the Corona I have plenty of time for this. :wink:

I must also say that you asked to be talked out of it…

custom paramotors is a kind of description of my hobby. or rather a passion.
I build a lot for myself in all conceivable variants.
I enjoy working with the motor manufacturer hacker in Germany on concept development for e-ppg and eppg / trike. it is a win win situation for both of us.
for a few years i also developed the e-ppg concept for the ftr brand on moskito light.
e-ppg also built for a few friendly pilots.
currently i’m only dealing with propeller development and testing new Motors ( new size ) that are currently in prototype status at hacker. both on the test thruststand and in many flights with telemtrie. I also deal with e-foils. flying over water :slight_smile:
on business (in addition to my business as a craftsman and producer) I do the sale of individual parts (motor, propeller spacer, mounting plates etc. display / cockpit etc) to people who build eppg themselves, but only to people who have experience in the 10 kilowatt range and all have the necessary licenses to is mostly people who, for example, do university projects for e-ppg or build the master’s examination for mechatronics and eppg in Austria as a test piece.anyone who buys a motor also gets a list of the best settings for their esc . everyone has to buy the esc from mgm or hacker.with people who do not want to use material that is not suitable for aviation, I do not work together. safety is the top rule that is followed without exception. it is not important to me to sell large quantities or series to build eppg. i only want if i do something that is 100% and i can look forward to events that all the aircraft in which I was involved work absolutely flawlessly in front of the audience. I am proud that many well-known top pilots, also ppg world champions, have flown my projects. because with e-ppg it is a matter of trust. I mean the battery technology is used as an example. I myself would never fly several hundred meters high if someone gave me an e-ppg with lipos. Even if I, as an RC model pilot, knew nothing would happen, I would still be scared. with li-ion i am not afraid. so that was a lot of text.


Ok, That’s really cool.