Solid State Batteries

Compay says they are in production HMMmmmmm This would go a long way to
a lightweight electric with decent flytime

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Manufacturing 5,000 cells per month? Doesn’t seem industrial scale yet.

No prices listed… most likely very high now. But we should inquire for a group buy just to get some info.


Our current Bonka packs are:
22 AH
1.2 L
6 lbs

The Hermes cells are rated at 2C so to get the same C rating as a single Bonka pack we would need 13 cells in parallel and 6 in series which would be 78 cells in a pack. So a Hermes pack would look like this:
39 AH
1.2 L
5 lbs (plus connections and packaging to make the pack)

Based on that C rating and my experience with Bonka packs I would want to use four packs which would be 312 Hermes cells. It’s new technology so the cost per cell is probably quite pricey multiplied by 312 cells.

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Has anyone contacted them on behalf of the group? (

They say their technology is highly compatible with existing li-ion production, and their product rollout plan is to go for drone / aerial EV first. (see “What is your roadmap for entering different markets?” under

They seem to be interested in people contacting them for samples & design for any interesting / good story applications (from their FAQ). I think OpenPPG makes a brilliant ‘story’.

I don’t have an OpenPPG unit, and have no prior experience with battery pack design - but if no one else will contact them, I’ll do it to find out their current cost per cell on sample volumes. However I’m sure there is someone better qualified (and better located - I’m in UK)…

At 434Wh/Kg that’s got to be pretty interesting?

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I sent an email and never got a reply

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Here’s a great video explaining current batteries and an outlook on the future of energy storage. The future looks pretty awesome for electric.